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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 9, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. this is wjz, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. deadly storms, a massive blizzard claims the lives of several in the u.s. tonight the after math and clean up only beginning in the northeast. just huge piles of snow, good evening everyone and thank for joining us i'm adam may. that storm dumps a record amount of snow and millions of people are digging out from several feet. marley hall has the latest from are hartford connecticut. >> reporter: road crews are working around the clock to clear streets, several states have lifted travel bans and
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airports are reopening, but it's taking a lot of work. >> everything's crazy since last night. >> reporter: a massive winter storm dumped more than 3 feet of snow in some places. new york's long island was one of the hardest hit. the heavy wet snow was too much for this home. >> i was out shoveling the walk and i looked over and i saw the roof begin to collapse. >> reporter: and firefighters had to rescue dozens of people trapped on local roadways all night! put on the three layers of clothing i brought and put some blankets over me and went to sleep. >> reporter: in massachusetts people worked together to clean up. >> we have a snow blower so my husband's somewhere in the neighborhood cleaning other people's houses and we're finishing up here. >> reporter: the nor'easter caused flooding in low lying areas along the massachusetts and maine coastlines and people buried under snow have to deal with frigid temperatures. here in hartford connecticut it's expected to drop into the single digits overnight. thousands of people will have to brave the temperatures
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without electricity. at the height of the storm, more than 650,000 people lost power and official says it will take time to restore it. >> this could be monday, could be tuesday, people need to brace themselves and they need to find l shelter if they're cold. >> reporter: while the clean up continues, some people are trying to enjoy this big blast of winter. marley hall wjz eyewitness news. official says the storm has now caused at least five deaths. one of those is the tragic death of an 11-year-old boy. he died of carbon monoxide poisoning. while the boy's father wassing out the -- shoveling out the car, snow filled the exhaust pipe and filled the car with fumes. the child died at a hospital. a firefighter trudges through heavy snow. the call was for someone having trouble are breathing. you can see the firefighter
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forging through 3 feet of snow to get to the house and many roads are impassable, the fastest way for many first responders has been by foot. the winter storm continues to cause several delays on the roads and the air and the railways even for local travelers in maryland. rochelle ritchie is is at penn state with an update on the travel conditions. are things lightening up a little bit. >> if you are going to be taking a train, they are. but if you are going to bwi, there are plenty of cancellations tonight and tomorrow. >> reporter: it's a long day and night for travelers trying to get home to places like hartford connecticut where several feet of snow fell yesterday. >> it started in las vegas this morning at 6:00 in the morning, went into detroit, my flight into hartford was canceled, so then we went down here to baltimore, and my flight once again to hartford was canceled
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so we're going to take a train to new york city and try to get home from there tomorrow. >> reporter: bwi had canceled 33 incoming flights and 33 outgoing flights and more than 30 have been delayed. across the board there are still a number of cancellations for tonight but some are already canceled for tomorrow. the stories are different for penn station travelers having an easy time getting around with few cancellations. >> i'm up here visiting my daughter autumn for her birthday and i'm from florida and i was worried my trip would be ruined. >> reporter: crews are working to get the runways and tracks clear and get everyone back on schedule. travelers are not holding their breath or expecting an easy trip tomorrow. >> there's no way my plans are going to be work and it will with v to be completely reorganized in the morning. >> reporter: if you are traveling in the morning, there's a little bit of hope. if you're traveling between new york and boston, those trains will have a limited schedule
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for tomorrow. i'm rochelle ritchie, back to you. those guys on the planes, trains and you believe -- and automobiles should stay in baltimore a few days. several buses had to be canceled due to the all of the snow. check in with wjz for first warning coverage and details on closings and delays, log onto we just got new information tonight into a deadly house fire, the death of a woman found inside the home is now being classified as suspicious. that fire broke out friday afternoon here in the 5700 block of high gate road. smoke was coming from the first floor of the home. the woman was found unconscious inside. homicide investigators were called to the scene. the cause of the fire remains under investigation tonight. tonight, there is a break in the man hunt for a wanted former lapd officer, new surveillance video from an auto parts store in san diego seen
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here appears to show christopher dorner tossing a magazine of bullets into a dumpster. the search intensifies, especially after this video tonight. >> reporter: california authorities say the search for christopher dorner is the most san francisco man hunt in the state's history. they say d significant man hunt in the state's history. cbs learned investigators found two long range rifles with silencers, cold weather survival gear, and a gas mask, he is accused of ambushing and killing three people over the past week. he said in a rambling online man if he is man -- manifesto he is out for revenge. he's reopening the investigation into his dismissal. >> i'm not doing this to pay
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piece him. -- apiece him. >> reporter: a profiler doesn't believe that five years after the fact that dorner has snapped. >> i think it was a long time in planning and i believe he fantasized about doing this for a very long period of time. >> reporter: police went door to door near the big bear resort in the shadow of skiers and families enjoying a weekend of fun. >> i think that the cops know what they're doing. >> reporter: the lapd added extra manpower on the grammies, a larger police presence to guard the safety of celebrities and members of its own ranks. >> you can't let your guard down. this is a very very dangerous man. >> reporter: a man trained by the department he's turned against. in los angeles, edward lawrence, wjz eyewitness news. >> he's wanted for three murders, including the death of a police officer, several sitings have triggered big responses, and open fired on a
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truck similar to his wounding two women. and officers were placed on administrative leave. michelle obama tends the funeral of a chicago girl who was gunned down days after performing for the president. mrs. obama among hundred offense mourners paying their respects to hadiya pendleton today. she was not the target. she performed with her high school major et team at the presidential inauguration. in maryland, a member of a well known political family could be running for office. former governor bob's wife kendall may announce her plans for the executive seat. and is expected to appear, seeking to replace john leopold, he resigned after being found guilty of two counts of misconduct in office. the forum for the replacement will take place thursday at the west county area library in
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odenton. a baltimore are program allows you to get your taxes done for free and build up a savings in the process. tim williams has more on the baltimore cash campaign. >> for keith henderson, getting his taxes done for free was an offer he couldn't refuse. >> i set an appointment up online and found all the papers i had to bring and it was just very easy. >> the be more cash campaign offers free tax for residents around the area. >> they need to bring their social security card for themselves and anyone who they're claiming and bring their photo id and need to bring any tax forms that they received for 2012. >> it's a nonprofit group endorsed by local, state and federal agencies and hopes to make filing easy for low and moderate income families. >> folks who can take advantage of our services are families of two or more who made $50,000 or less last year, or single
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filers who made $25,000 or less. >> reporter: and because cash stands for creating assets, savings and hope, services that are free. tim williams wjz eyewitness news. the tax experts encourage people to split their refund into a savings go to our web site,, and look for the story under roll news. joe flacco is still making the rounds post game after appearing at disney world and david letterman. check out what he did today in new york. he was at fashion week, the super bowl mvp traded in his uniform for the latest tommy hill figger threads inspired by the beatles and mick jagger. and the debut of his 2013 collection. not a bad gig if you can get it. still to come on wjz eyewitness news tonight, how about blizzard and flooding together, the winter weather
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conditions causing water to come up over o the shoreline, the dangers for the residents up to the north. valentine's day divorce, a unique gift one lawyer is offering and it has a condition. and remembering trayvon. family and friends pay tribute to trayvon martin, why this week is so important to the family. i'm gigi barnett in garcon, baltimore county that story is next. i'm bernadette woods, after a windy cold one today, we have warmer air on the way. we'll have the forecast coming up when eyewitness news returns. complete coverage continues with adam may, and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports with stan saunders. it's wjz, maryland's news station.
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clear and cool, we have the complete forecast coming up. massachusetts residents are more worried rabbit flooding than snow as parts of the state were founded with snow. check out the high tides pushing water across low lying areas, damaging some buildings there, residents with ocean front homes are told to install storm shutters over the windows, police are reaching out to to people who have not left their homes and checking on folks to make sure they're okay. a tragic bus accident killed at least a dozen soccer
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fans. the driver lost control of the vehicle, it was carrying 40 fans were from one of the countries top stocker teams and dozens were hurt in the crash. a woman is stabbed to death inside her apartment despite being under police protection. gigi barnett reports that police say the victim was three months pregnant. >> reporter: stay at home mom katie adell wasn't supposed to be at home when this man 33- year-old, jeffrey michael stabbed her to death. investigators say it was her former boyfriend who was threatening to kill her. and she was under strict police protection. >> we were extremely concerned for her safety. we suggested that she move to a different location where he did not know to find her. we offered to assist her with that move. >> reporter: hadel said no thanks to the offer and moved in with her mother.
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she had reported the death threats to police which continued to escalate shortly after he was released from a 5 year prison sentence for robbery back from december. officers were patrolling hadel's neighborhood but the victim didn't hide long enough. >> without telling police, the victim moved back to her apartment in precinct 4 and the suspect unfortunately knew to find her there. >> reporter: police say they're not quite sure why she came back to her apartment even after she had been warned not to. but once they gain entry into the apartment, they found her body. also inside were two small children unharmed and one of them was her 3-year-old daughter. >> i heard her screaming on the other side about the kids didn't deserve that. it's sad. maryland's laws, something needs to be done. >> reporter: i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. police say the woman was married and expecting another
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child. her husband was away during the murder and is not considered a suspect. the actual suspect is in custody tonight. nearly a thousand people gather for a trayvon martin peace walk in miami. it comes on the week that martin would have turned 18. the teen's parents and supporters say their children should always feel safe and be able to walk in peace. the event got support from jamie fox. he was shot and killed by george zimmerman in february of of last year. a michigan attorney says that valentine's day is the perfect time for a free divorce. instead of worrying about hock chocolates or roses, he is offering a contest for the couple to win a no pay divorce. he got the idea from a friend with a party to celebrate the end of her marriage. >> i thought about why not help someone move onto that independence on valentine's day. >> those divorce parties, lawyers got a dozen entries.
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he's actually calling some of them heartwarming and he would normally charge a around $3000, that's quite a deal. this is the best video we've seen today when an owl in miami find a new home right inside the grill of this big truck. check out what the driver saw when she walked out to her vehicle. those yellow eyes looking right back at her. she is this accidentally hit the bird and it got stuck behind the grill. despite the scare, the owl is doing just fine. animal control is able to rescue the wise bird. >> that looks fake at first. >> and it winks at you. hello owl. >> that is a great shot. >> they are such cool birds, i have a couple big ones that hang around the at my house. >> do they stare and wink. >> they don't wink but one time literally i looked out the bedroom window in my son's room, opened the blinds and it
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was right there. we were just talking earlier, no wonder why people are feeling cheated if you're a snow lover in baltimore, we've been way below average. >> we all know three years ago, we were the bulls eye of o everywhere in the country. we had by far a record season around here, but then the year after only about 14 inches. last year only 1.8 inches and in the we didn't get that. this season so far we're the at 4.6 inches. >> and average is 20. we're 16 inches below average. we have a couple weeks left. we're going to brew up a blizzard. >> 're not done yet. keep the hope. today though, didn't have that going. just had the wind and a chilly day. we managed a high of 40 degrees. the average of 44 degree the sun down and cold air in place, we are dropping. down to 29 in baltimore. down to 19 in oakland, and these temperatures are going to continue to drop overnight by another 5 to 10 degrees.
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there's not much of a wind especially compared to where we were 24 hours ago. we had that wind advisory and peak wind gusts over 50 miles per hour, all the way from washington county, glen burnie, 51 miles per hour, and official at bwi marshal, 46 miles per hour wind gusts. yes, it was windy out there but that has calmed down and it did bring in that shot of cold air but it's just a shot of cold air because we have the cold air carved out here, cold air carved out over the west and the warm air over the middle of the country. we're seeing the cold air come down, the warm air soming down, and -- coming down, and we all know about the blizzard that's just maine over the last couple of hours. still out there. and another storm to the west, this is going to be another big one. not necessarily for us, but blizzard warnings over the northern plains in the upper midwest. for us what we're thinking
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tomorrow, sunshine, maybe a few clouds, that storm gets a little bit closer and high pressure in control, leaving us monday. the storm arrives in the form of rain. overnight it could start as an icy mix but the temperatures are getting into the 50s and this is going to be a rain event on monday. on the waters with this going on, wind calming down, turning to the southwest and tonight we are dropping down to 22 degrees. tomorrow we warm it up to 44 degrees, right on par with average and the storm comes our way. may start as an icy mix overnight. we're getting up to 55 and in the pattern we don't have a winter storm pursuing our way, but -- pursuing our way, but -- brewing our way. make sure to check out the grammies hosted by ll cool j and check out the grammy's section at stay with us. sports is coming up ri
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the fans sports report starting with rivalry and local building. >> let's get to it. topping the sports desk, permeating throughout, our championship city, more than 2500 fans on hand in west baltimore, observing a charmed city rivalry, mid eastern athletic conference foes, conference state hosting morgan state. that's zach rejecting dewayne jackson and he had nine points, morgan let 46-18 on intermission. he had 16 points, the junior forward out of buoy. helping morgan, morgan sweeps the season series. elsewhere, new jersey, second half, georgetown rutgers, wally rescueds blocked by mike hopkins into the hand of
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markell stocks but it counts, 51-48 rutgers, and later georgetown leading, rutgers trying to catch up. it's another rejection. eli carter answers an unanswered prayer, and how about this in atlantic, miami against north carolina tonight and look shane's dad, baseball hall of famer, barry larkin and his mom lisa, lebron and dewayne, look at that play. now let's get to our own backyard for a moment. literally outside back room news room door. northwest baltimore city, the division one national championship, men'sly owe greyhounds, the lacrosse -- lie
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owe will greyhounds, loyola university of maryland, preseason number one. they're picked to defend their national crown. >> so
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a snow man in ohio stands
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the test of time. he made him the day after christmas. here's the first picture, his slow demise over the course of ten days, the 6-foot snow man started melting away in an unusual way. he started leaning completely to the side. the leaning tower of snow. his long bow finally ended when his face reached the ground. maybe they can turn hi
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